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13 mei 2020 om 22:05 Spear ribs
8 mei 2020 om 19:34 Very expensive, but good ribs. They came in, I assume, compostable tray + plastic top, which is okay.
29 apr 2020 om 19:13 The steaks are good and tasty. I have ordered a couple of times. Unfortunately the orders were never complete. They forgot the sauces, or the french fries. They always offer to refund. After delivery is not impossible, two meals € 75,-!
19 apr 2020 om 22:08 Was heerlijk!
26 mrt 2020 om 8:24 Great food! The steak was amazing and the fries portion is generous.
23 mrt 2020 om 20:26 een drankje niet meebezorgd, wel op de bon en betaald
23 mrt 2020 om 5:41 Prima steak
19 feb 2020 om 8:42 Delivered on time! The item I ordered(Rib toast) is taste amazingly good...